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I'm planning to do something tasty with my collection of Savory Spice Shop blends and ingredients once a week this year.

This week I made Potato-Chorizo Tacos with Avocado-Tomatillo Salsa, and made the chorizo from the last of my chorizo spice blend and a pound of ground pork. I made a double batch of the salsa, since I bought roughly twice as much ingredients as I needed. That's what comes of deciding on dinner while I'm at the grocery store, without my recipes. I didn't remember to get any jalapeno peppers, so I threw in a little bit of the Honey-Jalapeno Hot Sauce from the Ballard Farmer's Market. The salsa turned out very mild and creamy, while the chorizo had a reasonable kick. It happily fed everyone; I mixed a separate batch with fake beef for the vegetarian.
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I didn't realize how much I missed the taste and texture of almost-raw flesh until just now.
I should have dried off the meat, cleaned off the marinade, and let it come to room temperature before flinging it on the very-hot skillet, though. It didn't quite burn, but it sent up tons of smoke and the center got barely warm.

Spicy Meat!

Jan. 8th, 2009 09:12 pm
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I had some pork from the Used Meat section in my freezer for ages, and decided that the thing to do was make jerk pork with my Extra Hot Jerk Spice from Savory Spice Shop. I followed their directions for the marinade (olive oil, soy sauce, lime (whoops, lemon) juice, orange (nope, grapefruit on purpose) juice, vinegar, and lots of the spice mix). The slab of meat (about 1.5 cm thick) was exactly the size of a TSA-acceptable ziploc bag, so I mixed the marinade right in the bag and added the pork. I gave it about 26 hours, although it says 4-12 on the package. I preheated my skillet and put the meat on for three minutes per side, and then fussed at it until I thought it was done. It was tender enough that I was able to separate it along the fat veins and check doneness that way. Overall, I'd say I gave it closer to 15 minutes.

The meat was delicious and tender, beautifully done and flavored all the way through. It's definitely spicy, with a decent to mild afterburn, but most of all it is flavorful. Yum! I could see serving this in tortillas with sour cream and some sort of crisp crunchy veggies on the side. I dispensed with such social graces, however.


Jan. 7th, 2009 09:56 am
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Some fingerling potatoes, from my CSA box, sliced around 1/4 inch thin, sauteed in olive oil. Some parmesan cheese and some Smoky Hills Cheese Blend added for flavor.

Good for dinner and for breakfast!


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