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9:30 pm
5 tbl Planters Seed Co Brisket & Rib Rub, 2 tbl kosher salt, 1 tbl raw sugar; combine and use to cover 2x 2.5 lb brisket cuts. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
11:00 am
Remove meat from fridge & place in roasting pan on rack; preheat oven to 300 °F. Roast 1 hour; reduce heat to 245 °F, pour some red wine into pan, cover with aluminum foil, and roast another 5 hours. (I think)

BBQ Sauce
11:30 am
1 can diced tomatoes, in saucepan on high to start breaking down.
1 c ketchup; 1/2 c + 2 tbl brown sugar, 1/2 c + 2 tbl apple cider vinegar; 1/4 c molasses; 2 tsp liquid smoke; 1 tbl butter; 2.5 tsp Planters Seed Co Brisket & Rib Rub; black pepper. Simmered 25 minutes. Added more salt and some garlic powder to taste. Let simmer a while longer until delicious, then transfered to squeeze bottles. This amount exactly filled two plastic squeeze bottles of the size that is in the cabinet.

Sourdough Cornbread
10:00 pm
Start up sourdough starter, using some skim milk and some water.
9:00 am
add about 1/4 cup each flour and water; remove roughly 1/4 cup starter
12:30 pm
remove starter and differentiate with cornmeal, evap milk.

Honey Butter (thank you Alton!)
1:00 remove butter from fridge
1:30 whip butter with hand mixer; add honey, vanilla, cinnamon and mix. Transfer to small tupperware and refrigerate

Green Thing
1:00 pm
boil water; trim and chop green beans; boil for 10 min, then ice, drain, and hold.

5:00 pm
check meat temps
remove to rest and cool (plenty of flexibility here)
D-30 minutes:
spike oven, heating pan and bacon grease
finish cornbread mixing, add grease, bake bread
melt butter, saute garlic, saute green beans
slice meat; serve with MACII tongs

mmmmm, meat

Mar. 6th, 2010 11:35 pm
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I am taking advantage of the vegetarian's absence to make dinner with meat this weekend.

I made Ted Lindeman's fantastic sourdough cornbread with bacon grease instead of oil or butter, and used bacon grease in the pan. It's got just a hint of bacon flavor, especially at the crusty edges.

I also made Quick Cheeseburger Pie. The recipe calls for an 8-inch pie pan, but all three of our pie pans are 9.5 inches. It worked out all right though; I had 1.3 lbs of ground beef, rounded up on all my other measurements, and filled the dish completely. There wasn't any crust to fold over the edge of the pan, though. I could have probably gotten extra crust if I'd rolled out the dough, but it's designed to be smushed into the pan and is very soft.
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-I made twice baked potatoes, substituting bacon salt for actual bacon and freeze-dried chives for fresh. They came out fabulously; one whole potato per person worked out fine.

-That fancy Italian olive oil is beautiful with fresh sourdough bread and kosher salt. I ran an experiment out of laziness, and let the sourdough loaves rise overnight on the counter after shaping them. The texture is beautiful. There wasn't much ovenspring, if any, but the crumb is excellent and there's a nice crust. I may do that again on purpose!
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The annual festival of food is nearly over. The report so far:

roast acorn squash with brown sugar topping

Indian food at Saffron Grill

20.6 lbs of turkey
bird bacon
stuffing with sausage and bread
whole cranberry sauce
mashed potatoes
brandy-glazed carrots
vegetarian stuffing
brownie pie
(dinner for five)

green chile sauce
turkey burritos with same
corn soup with bacon
[generated a nice canful of grease]
(dinner for ten)
sourdough starter
turkey stock

sourdough pancakes
some sort of cookies
(dinner at Pinecoon with Dave's lasagna)

I'm not cooking again for weeks.
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I am currently rising sourdough pretzel dough in a patch of sunshine on my kitchen counter.

Also I am all set to make one of my favorite dishes, chard-saffron tart with pine nuts and a yeasted crust, for dinner tonight.

And there will be PESTO BISCUITS later in the week, maybe tomorrow. That's really the entire reason I made 2.75 lbs of basil into pesto. That, and tasty homemade gifts.
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So last night I was looking for my sourdough recipes on my computer, and ran across one for cinnamon biscuits. I decided they sounded better than bread, plus I didn't have very much flour on hand, so I went for it.
They are delicious by themselves, excellent with black raspberry jam, and out of this world with dark wildflower honey. Something about that particular strong honey goes perfectly with the cinnamon and nutmeg spices.
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The steam wafting out of fresh cornbread looks golden in the evening sunlight; it's quite lovely.
The bread itself (sourdough cornbread "unlike any other") is wonderful as always.


Oct. 14th, 2008 08:06 am
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I made chard-saffron tart last night, from The Greens Cookbook. This is my favorite dish of all time from that book, including olive oil bread, and it is the only reason I own a tart pan. It's easy, the dough is beautifully flavored and textured, the custard is quick and tasty. And it makes an excellent breakfast.

I also boiled some various potatoes and mixed them with pesto, as if I didn't feel like making the pasta portion of pasta with pesto and new potatoes. And I blanched some yellow and green beans and dressed them with red wine vinegar, olive oil, and Wash Park seasoning blend. It was food processing evening.

Oh, and Sunday I made sourdough bread, which I ate with apple butter from Woodrings Orchard.
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Cornbread Unlike Any Other
I think the reduction in sugar is permanent. It’s sweet enough with just one tablespoon. I added two chopped pickled jalapeños, but it could easily handle more.


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