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I'm just leaving this here until certain bacon-eating parties return from Points Abroad. It would be a terrible idea to make these without help around to eat them.
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I tried a recipe from Cooks Illustrated for chocolate chip cookies. The aim was a chewier, toffee-flavored cookie. The cookies were amazing!

The recipe calls for browning 10 tablespoons of butter, then adding another 4 tablespoons and letting it melt. They then add brown and white sugar (I used turbinado instead of white, because I had light instead of dark brown sugar.), vanilla (I splurged on my fancy stuff), salt, and an egg + yolk. Let that sit for ten minutes, stirring every three minutes. Add the flour and baking soda, mixing until done, and dump in lots of chocolate chips. The recipe says make only 16 cookies, 8 per giant sheet. I made them a little large for normal cookies, but not nearly that big.

I've never had a cookie anything like these. They had lots of nutty browned-butter taste, with a little crunch from the turbinado sugar and a lot of chewiness. Just amazing.
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My kitchen smells like Gargoyles Statuary right now, thanks to the massive amounts of clove in these cookies. Lebkuchen are great because they are dairy-free, honey-based bar cookies you can make way ahead. They're unusual in that you make them by hand in a saucepot. Really.

You boil the honey, let it cool, and add brown sugar, lemon juice and zest, and one egg. Then you add the dry ingredients to that and bake in a 9x13 pan.
This is Joy of Cooking 1997's recipe. I used TJ's Mesquite Honey, and weighed out the flour as per Alton Brown's conversion (2 1/2 c = 337 g). I sifted everything together in the food processor, including a ton of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. The dough ends up very crumbly, kind of like cheesecake crust might. The gooey ingredients measure (another AB rec) is a total lifesaver when measuring honey. What I don't recommend is grating your finger while zesting a lemon. Ow.

The frosting is powdered sugar, lemon juice, and vanilla. Easiest frosting in the world to make and to spread, especially over hot bar cookies. Now they cool, and I seal them off from air until Monday morning. They're to thank my students for putting up with a new teacher.
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Chewy Chocolate Cookies, from the Jan/Feb 09 issue of Cooks Illustrated.

I used agave sweetener instead of corn syrup, as I always do now (thank you TJ!). I also used turbinado sugar instead of brown sugar. I weighed the dry ingredients, creamed the hell out of the sugars and butter, and discovered I had only 1/5 cup agave instead of 1/2. Unexpected grocery run!
I used three squares of semisweet baking chocolate (which was so old the fat had bloomed on the surface. I'd never seen bloom before, but it doesn't affect the taste.) and a few tablespoons of chocolate chips (whatall was left in the package). It wouldn't hurt to chill them a bit longer, but they shaped all right even mostly warm. They are delicious, although I don't think the texture is quite what CI had in mind--the turbinado is quite different from regular brown sugar in terms of moisture content. I am most concerned that my food tastes good; whether it resembles some ideal is not my affair.

These were made to go with my "Come to the dark side, we have cookies... --V" shirt.
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Tayberry-Oatmeal Bars
Mary Beckstrom's raspberry bar recipe. I used an entire jar of tayberry jam from Woodring Orchards. They're a bit gooey and perhaps I would bake them another three or four minutes, but they are delicious!

Maple Fudge
Same Joy recipe as before. Still meltingly fabulous.

English Toffee
A soft crumbly finely crystallyzed candy, coated in 71% cacao chocolate and topped with toasted pecans. Yum. (It's not what I think of as toffee, but it's ubertasty so I don't care.)

Grandma Morton's Ginger Cookies
I always roll them much thicker than 1/8 inch, and they are as always spectacular. They are also awesome cut in half and stuck into vanilla ice cream.
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Witches Brew/Honey Cookies

I wanted extras to share with friends at the Tricky Pixie show and to take to group meeting, so I did a 1.5 batch with a full egg, instead of one egg yolk. I needed to add some extra flour (several handfuls, maybe half a cup or slightly less) to get to a rollable consistency, but when I did they came out beautifully. This batch I made with TJ's Mesquite Honey, which is just full of awesome flavor. And I shaped them like space shuttles, because Endeavor just launched.


Oct. 28th, 2008 11:47 am
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Grilled cheese sandwiches with the perfect ratios of homemade sourdough bread, Beecher's Flagship cheese, and Zeke and Zach's Honey-Jalapeño Hot Sauce, melted in the toaster oven. So good.

Saffron-Pistachio Cookies. They have a beautiful saffron flavor, probably from extracting the threads in melted butter rather than hot water, and are very buttery and delicious.

White Winter Vegetables baked in Cream, from Greens. I used cauliflower, parsnips, fennel, and leeks, and 2 cups heavy cream, plus a buttered breadcrumb topping. It was pretty popular at Pumpkin Fest. I'm going to mix the last of my butter-sauteed chanterelles into this for tonight's dinner.

White Bean and (Winter Squash) Soup, also from Greens. This is a lovely hearty winter soup, and the Delicata and acorn squashes I used are slightly sweet and very nice. You make a stock from the pumpkin seeds and some other detritus, and use the bean cooking liquid as well. I threw in 2 cups of my vegetable stock from last year's CSA to make volume, which added a nice complexity.
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1 russet potato, stabbed with a fork, rolled in canola oil and sprinkled with salt. Microwaved for 5 min on high, left in the microwave for a while, then wedged into the oven alongside a cookie tray for 20 min at 325. Potato split, buttered, and sprinkled with Smoky Hills Cheese Blend.
om nom nom. (Directions from Alton Brown. He says 350, but the cookies took precedence on that one.)

Also, Grandma Morton's Ginger Cookies. <3
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one from 1997 JOY with melted chocolate, cocoa, and cinammon, frosted with mocha icing from the same edition. The rocketship cookie cutters work best with slightly thicker dough, and chilling it helps.
one made at 4:30 in the morning without mechanical assistance. I’m doing it with a  mixer next time, if I get that recipe.


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