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Saturday I went to the Farmers' market in the U district (after my eye doctor appointment) and got an entire sockeye salmon for $25, and a miscellaney of vegetables. I got squat rounded carrots called Thumbelina, golden beets (many of which were smaller than chocolate chip cookie dough portions), parsnips (which were labeled carrots, but I've never met a white carrot), and celery root. I diced up the veggies, adding in two potatoes and a number of garlic cloves, and tossed with olive oil and spices. The spices I grabbed were mixed peppercorns, juniper berries, bay leaves, sage, kosher salt, and a little mustard seed, plus a dash or two of apple cider vinegar. I roasted them at 350 for 20 minutes, then raised the heat to 450 (so I could bake biscuits!) for another 15-20 minutes.

Today I dumped the leftover veggies into a pot, heated them up, and added about half a jar of roasted red and yellow peppers, and a quart ziploc full of veggie stock. I diluted the stock with maybe 3.5 cups of water, enough to cover and seem souplike, and brought it to a boil. I pureed the resultant mixture in the blender, leaving a little texture behind. Final flavor adjustments involved a titch of garlic powder and some salt.

I like the soup better than the whole vegetables, honestly. They didn't get quite soft enough during roasting, but the heating and blending process softened them up nicely.
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The annual festival of food is nearly over. The report so far:

roast acorn squash with brown sugar topping

Indian food at Saffron Grill

20.6 lbs of turkey
bird bacon
stuffing with sausage and bread
whole cranberry sauce
mashed potatoes
brandy-glazed carrots
vegetarian stuffing
brownie pie
(dinner for five)

green chile sauce
turkey burritos with same
corn soup with bacon
[generated a nice canful of grease]
(dinner for ten)
sourdough starter
turkey stock

sourdough pancakes
some sort of cookies
(dinner at Pinecoon with Dave's lasagna)

I'm not cooking again for weeks.
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I had been planning on soup from stock, but didn't feel like defrosting the stock. So I just did butter-steamed parsnips and carrots. Parsnips are kind of a pain to handle, plus I've mislaid my vegetable peeler, but it was tasty in the end.

Also, I went to the best frozen yogurt place ever, and got a massive bucket of yogurt with fresh kiwis to mix in.
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Marrakesh Moroccan restaurant in Belltown featured tagine of braised hare. It's quite tasty. The meat resembles lamb, in that it's dark and has a strong flavor, but it tastes different. And you can very easily tell by the bones that the creature was small and ran a lot.

Bonus foods: CSA carrots, washed but unpeeled, and TJ's spicy hummus. Keeps things simple yet delicious.


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