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Neil Gaiman is a favorite author of mine. His latest book, The Graveyard Book, tells the story of a boy raised by dead people in a graveyard. The blog issued a challenge to create a Graveyard Book inspired dessert. I decided to build part of the graveyard out of cake, because I watch too much Ace of Cakes.

The Egyptian Walk

Click this link to see many more pictures and read about the process and the design. )


Mar. 20th, 2009 12:15 pm
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The good thing about baking brownies or Cowboy Coffeecake (Better Homes and Gardens pg 78) is that it goes together quickly (except for going to the grocery store mid-prep for shortening) and with minimal effort.
The bad thing about pans of baked goods is that you can't eat them before the party. Nobody knows how many cookies you baked versus how many you brought, but a pan of coffeecake with a corner missing is pretty darn obvious.

It's just going to sit on my counter and tempt me until the party.


Feb. 4th, 2009 09:29 pm
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Alton Brown's Spiced Angelfood Cake, made at 50% scale so as to fit into my bundt pan. It came out absolutely perfectly and was a smash hit at the fondue/firespinning/music/kittens gathering Monday night. I've never made an angelfood cake before, but this was easy (with a handheld mixer) and quick to make.

I am contemplating what to do with six egg yolks, however.


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