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I'm just leaving this here until certain bacon-eating parties return from Points Abroad. It would be a terrible idea to make these without help around to eat them.
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Pitkin County Pork Chops, Creme de Colorado pg. 222

This has comments from Granny Ruth: "Very good--Spicy!! Great--JHS"

You mix butter, onion, garlic, salt, mustard, cayenne pepper (I used chili powder), cider vinegar, doubleyou sauce, and brown sugar and smear the resulting mixture on pork chops. Broil for 5 minutes and pour over a mixture of ketchup, chili sauce (I had some TJ Chipotle Salsa on hand) and a little water. Bake for 1 hour or until done. I took it to about 156 °F with my thermometer; it's a little tricky using a thermometer on such thin pieces of meat, but it mostly worked.

This is, as promised, delicious. It's mostly sweet with a little kick from the vinegar and the spices. The pork chops are from QFC and are excellent meat, very tender. I have another package in the freezer and I may just do this again.

Tuna Noodle Casserole. What?
You serve it and then dump a bunch of spices into today's dish, thus adding variety to cheapness. Also known as a great way to try out all those mixes from Savory Spice Shop.
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3/4 a bottle of G33K B33R (energy drink rootbeer)
a bowl of TJ's Cheerios with about 1/4 cup of brown sugar drenched in...
Skim milk with a lot of half and half poured into it

Like I said, crunch time.


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